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Topic: Omni Arpeggiator

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    Omni Arpeggiator

    Why does it seem like the Omni arpeggiator will not keep sync with the host. Running Logic 8, anyone else experience this issue?
    I think the issue is that the arpeggiator does not start from the begining each time the song restarts, is there a setting I can change to fix this?

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    Re: Omni Arpeggiator

    Set the ARP to SONG POS trigger mode

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    Re: Omni Arpeggiator

    Thank you for the quick response!

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    Re: Omni Arpeggiator

    Another question about the arpeggiator, I see on some of the presets that you can "combine steps". But I do not see how to actually do so, can anyone shed some light on this for me?


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    Re: Omni Arpeggiator

    Double-click to tie steps.

    Check out the Arpeggiator Episode:


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    Re: Omni Arpeggiator

    Thanks again Eric!

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