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Topic: M Audio Keystatio Pro

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    M Audio Keystatio Pro

    Well I thought I would share my experiences using these for 3 years now.
    These are great for keyboardists who are in need of 88 keys, which I feel are crucial personally.
    They have the best contoller features available if you are using synths or need to mix live. The drawbars are cool, but hardly useful since they are too far apart to emulate the drawbars of a Hammond. But alas no fear, I actually tie different drawbars of my B2003 to a single fader for the basic swells, etc, the other faders can be used as AUX's, channel or master faders of a mix.
    However, I have now got broken contacts on each keyboard. I thought the first one was just a sparse incident, when actually it is the keybed design, which is cheap.
    But I do 2 gigs daily and practice, so I have played many, many hours on these.
    For 360 shipped though, I shall just go buy one more. I was using 2 of these, but will have my hardware Solaris synth within a month, so I'll grab another one since I find the MIDI controller features of this ax to be supreme.
    If you are interested in these keyboards this may be of some concern, but IMHO at the price it costs, and ease of use, you only need ask yourself if it's suitable.
    Personally these are rugid built as I move them nightly, well one of them. The other stays at the gig, and I don't even case it up. I figure if some jerk off steals it, he can pack it up. I'll just drive to the generic music store ( Guitar Center ) and buy another.
    I am always on the look out for a great controller and will be demo'ing the VAX77 at NAMM in Janurary. They are close to the Solaris/Soniccore booth where I will be, and a Waldorf distributor is also close. Nice, lot's of synths.

    Not dissin' the KS88, just stating fact.
    Now I will buy another one of these cheapo crapwagons.

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    Re: M Audio Keystatio Pro

    I love the controls on mine. I think I got one of the earlier models, however: I have to admit that the action is a little spongy on mine, and some of the keys drop a fourth of the way down on their own accord. But I understand that the more recent ones are much better. For controlling things--great for both midi cc's and for transport control. Perfect match for Cubase, PianoTeq, etc I wonder if anyone here has taken one apart to see if anything can be done about the older version's problem with drooping keys. (Don't let my problem cause concerns--M-Audio has fixed this problem now.)

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    Re: M Audio Keystatio Pro

    I have an older one and a newer one.
    The older ones are impossible to take apart and put back together. But do-able.
    I modified mine w/ felt to make it snappier.
    I learned that from owning Oberheim synthesizers.
    They are the FATTEST BASTARDS around for big sounds, and come w/ the worst action known to man. Those God awful springs were a constant source of irratation.
    If you want to adjust your action the felt strips are perfect. They make the action better IMHO. I like it as close to real piano hammer resistance as possible.
    No developer in his right mind will ever release a pro controller now that consumer models are so cheap and sell so well. But while the Rolands, Kawaii and Kurzweil Digital Pianos are nice, I do not like their sounds.
    So I will continue buying these cheap controllers and modify the action a little bit, and enjoy the controls the big guys can't seem to implement.
    Where there is a will there is a way, especially since everyone has their own opinion of what action they would like, the simple way is to continue adding the felt until you reach the proper feel you like.
    Even on the newer model which seemed like it had extra shims under the keybed attached to the chassis, I still added the felt.
    I have to do Hohner D6 type of playing nightly and that is like pretending each one of your fingers is a Black Mamba so there ya' go.
    It sure beats sittin' around and whining about this and that, because the companies are never going to re manufacture anything once they have their facilities churning.

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    Re: M Audio Keystatio Pro

    Hm...Now you have me wanting to learn where you attached the felt. To the key-bed, below the keys, so they don't travel as far down? Or under the rim that the rear part of the keys go under, so they are stopped on the way up? Any pictures, by any chance?

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    Re: M Audio Keystatio Pro

    It's your choice as those options you mention are all do-able.
    I am in no way going to take the this thing apart though until I recieve my hardware Solaris in a few weeks, then I will have one to take apart for spare parts and report back.
    You should search the M Audio forum if you have time, the moderator must have a PC on 24/7 as he respoonds w/ extremely helpful tips for one's particular uses within an hour !!
    I will show my tips w/ pics in a few weeks but prefer an email via pm.


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    Re: M Audio Keystatio Pro

    just checked their new website, looks liket his thing is actually going to make it. I'd be very curious to mess with one, so I'm hoping they get the distribution deals right.

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    Re: M Audio Keystatio Pro

    I had a Keystayion Pro and the velocity sensitivity sucked. Some keys you had to hit hard, others didn't even give a full 127 velocity no matter how hard you hit. Has this been improved?

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    Re: M Audio Keystatio Pro

    Quote Originally Posted by scope4live View Post
    impossible... But do-able.
    Impossible but doable, I like that. That's going to be my new credo.

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    Re: M Audio Keystatio Pro

    The action of the KS88Pro is pretty annoying to me in studio usage when using piano libraries, but as a controller it's so much better than everything out there that it's ridiculous, so I agree, Jimmy. Surprisingly, I got used to the extra initial pressure needed to push down each key without too much trouble, but the action is just so NOISY that it drives me crazy. With headphones it's cool, and live I'm sure it would be too.

    I used Fatar 2001's for years, but their software I found pretty flaky, so I'm staying away from their newer VMK-188 Plus although I hear that the action's excellent. Even so, it doesn't have zones- what kind of a professional controller doesn't even have zones?

    I'm considering something weird- exchanging my Yamaha P60 action for the KS action. They're the same width, and if the connectors are comparable it might be doable. That would be a semi-tough controller to my mind IF it worked.
    Dell Core2Duo E7200, 3GB Ram, SATA 160GB, SATA 250GB, Yamaha KX88 controller, Cubase Essential 4, Gigastudio 3.

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    Re: M Audio Keystatio Pro

    If you're going away from the P-60, you should really you at the Roland RD-700 GX for a real upgrade in action. At least that's what my initial testing showed, and my concerto performing girlfriend agreed that it was the nicest touch out of the many manufacturers we tested recently. Now if I just had a couple k lying around...

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