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Topic: Libraries on the horizon?

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    Libraries on the horizon?

    Just tryin\' to get an idea of what\'s being released, by who, and possibly when so I can start managing my money and making an \"OOH! I WANT!\" list (and so I don\'t blow $500 on a library when another similar and possibly better one might be out a month later).

    I can only think of a few off the top of my head at the moment...

    For choirs, I\'ve heard talk of Voices of the Apocalypse 2 being released later this year, as well as Pure Choir (haven\'t heard anything about it in quite a while, though) and a new product by Miroslav.

    For strings, there\'s Sonic Implants, obviously.

    Brass? Dan Dean\'s ensemble library.

    What else is out there being worked on as we speak? Any ideas of release dates?

    Thanks a bunch.

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    Re: Libraries on the horizon?

    Dont forget about Maarten\'s Horns

    Scarbee\'s got his Fretless coming up and then a guitar

    Gary\'s got a Solo String library do out and is doing Brass and Woodwinds afterwards

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Libraries on the horizon?

    Franz has a wonderful new nylon and Worra was talking about doing a classical guitar. I think he was also talking about another Malmsjo.

    I feel the same way. I have a budget but I\'m loathe to pull the trigger right now with so many potential goodies in the pipeline.

    The more I listen to Michiel\'s new Grandioso the more tempted I become, but it\'s pretty expensive (I\'m so drawn to the Malmsjo - it sounds so lovely). But the Grandioso sounds absolutely spot on (dammit).

    If I find that another malmsjo is on the way, I\'ll certainly wait (but it\'s painful). If I could just win the lottery, I could have them all (maybe if I actually buy a ticket, my chances will improve).

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    Re: Libraries on the horizon?

    In the Bigga Gigga Pipeline:

    BOB - Bigga Orchestral Brass
    Tuba, Trombone, Trumpet & French Horn, MSRP $59/Instrument or $189 for all 4.
    BOB should have been released the 1:th but has bee slightly delayed.....

    Bigga Mini, MSRP $59
    Minimoog samples!

    ..and yes, we are planning both a Malmsjo and classical guitar. Both are still in the planning phase, (the Malmsjo\'s a bit closer...).
    Samplesession for Malmsjo grand planned for end of February/beginning of March.
    (It will be recorded digital, Bruce R. has conviced me...)


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