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Topic: Kontakt 3.0 as Standalone

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    Kontakt 3.0 as Standalone

    I am trying to do away with Gigastudio because it is going to be discontinued year end. So I have been looking at Kontakt as another software sampler choice. My notation software of choice is Personal Composer. It does not offer VST support.

    Is it possible for Kontakt to communicate with Personal Composer (or any generic midi player for that matter)? Gigastudio made this possible since it created its own ports, but Kontakt does not create its own ports, so I am stumped at what to do.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Kontakt 3.0 as Standalone

    Oh wow I didn't know those things existed! Thanks very much for your suggestion.

    One thing though, I plan on upgrading to 64 bit. Do you know of any 64 bit virtual midi cable versions?

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    Re: Kontakt 3.0 as Standalone

    Thanks very much. The small cost is not a worry, I would pay for it if it does the job.

    I am currently using 32 bit and I am on my laptop. Would these drivers work on my 32 bit system as a test? I tried but no luck. Just to clarify, is this the right step to take in Kontakt:

    File --> Audio & Midi Settings --> Midi Tab --> Output Interface...turn on LoopBe Internal Midi.

    Then I go into my notation editor, and locate the midi port "LoopBe Internal Midi" Unfortunately, I get silence still.

    Hmm, am I missing a step?

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    Re: Kontakt 3.0 as Standalone

    That did it Looks like I can start planning for my 64 bit build now.

    One last question since we are on the topic of virtual midi ports. I am assuming you have experience with Play. If not, disregard the following question:

    Let's say down the line I purchase Play from East West. With the help of this virtual midi port, can Play communicate with Personal Composer without a problem, the same way Kontakt communicates via the virtual midi port?

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    Re: Kontakt 3.0 as Standalone

    What exactly is a sound set? If I ever take on symphonic writing, I may consider Sibelius, if these "sound sets" are convenient to work with. Are sound sets used by Finale at all? I plan on using EWQL symphonic sounds for my orchestral writing, that is, if I ever decide to start composing larger ensemble works.

    That said, I tend to mainly compose piano works, and Personal Composer is a program I have worked with since 2001. I just know it very well, and I can compose measures fairly quickly with the program (it also enables me to input many tempo changes within a measure with ease, copy and paste dynamic/tempo change formatting from measure to measure, and input tuples with ease). All this comes in handy for my style piano writing. Sibelius may do that as well, I never looked deeply into other programs since Personal Composer did it so well for me. The problem is, the development of Personal Composer is very slow and it may even cease in the next few years, but technology changes constantly. I want a 64 bit system, and I just hope this program works in 64 bit. Sigh, crosses fingers, and hopes for the best!

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    Re: Kontakt 3.0 as Standalone

    Ahh, I understand now. I think I will try out Sibelius then, and see how that works. What kind of sound card do you have btw?
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