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Topic: GOS vs Miroslav strings

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    GOS vs Miroslav strings

    I am planning to buy a good strings library. I don\'t think the Kirk Hunter sound suits me. I know that GOS is a lot cheaper and has more articulations. But how about the sounds? I heard that Miroslav has the best sounds. Do people still buy Miroslav strings nowadays? Thanks for any suggestions.


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    Re: GOS vs Miroslav strings


    Check out the mp3s on Garritan strings site.(www.gigastrings.com) There are PLENTY of demos from users that pretty much show alot of what GOS can do.
    At the bottom of the \'demos\' page there is also short demos of up and down bowings, pizzicato, and many of the articulations that GOS offers.


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    Re: GOS vs Miroslav strings

    Also checkout www.ilio.com and tascam/nemesys\' site for some demos of Miroslav.

    It all really depends on the \"sound\" you\'re into

    I have to say about both libraries that Demos aren\'t really the same as having the library. Its when you sit down to use them that you find what might be right for you. Of course sound is a main issue, some people work one way and others another.

    I know this only confuses you more, sorry

    I like the sound of Miroslav strings. There is a nice \"mellow\" sound to them. I dont own it tho so I cant say if it \"needs\" anything

    GOS has many Articulations and Updates. Its also got a great sound. I own this sucker and can say that it can vary its sound alot, but needs some \"getting used to\" in the fact that it takes a bit to learn to use correctly.

    KHVS wider vibrato and hard aggressive attacks (that get on my nerves). Still I dont have it, so I\'m not sure what it can and cant do

    AO some nice soft string mix patches, great for layering. Section strings are pretty bad compared to the newer libraries tho.

    Roland, some awesome short bows in the low strings. Dont have it and haven\'t heard it in a long time tho.

    Ultimate Strings, isn\'t that bad, has some tuning issues and noticeable loops if you\'re looking for them. The short bows are really aggressive but really close micd.

    SI strings is supposed to sound good as well. Could be an option if you are willing to wait \'till march.

    VRsound strings sound like they might be good for layering with other libraries.
    Its really hard to say without hearing them in context with other instruments. Dont have these either. Wouldn\'t mind checking them out at some point.

    I own GOS and AO and Ultimate Strings, as well as the Roland Orch Board 1. I\'m going to reprogram some AO and US patches to work more similar to GOS and with Maestro Tools. this will make layering much easier.

    I\'m also planning on doing \"mix\" patches for personal use. This should make some pretty good \"MIDIOT\" patches that wont take too much tweaking to sound good.

    In the end you probably wont be happy without a few string libraries. Each one as of this moment has a \"hole\" or one does something better than the other.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: GOS vs Miroslav strings

    Hey Iddy,

    I have started to do the same with US and AO strings. I guess I will also need keep alternatives to GOS sometimes, since GOS is such a poly eater!

    I am also beginning to appreciate US again, just like you said in another topic: there is no real absolute measurement for libraries.


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    Re: GOS vs Miroslav strings

    Thanks guys.

    It seems to me that with many good options available today, plus some more good stuffs coming along, it would be too expensive to invest on a \"not so current\" library like Miroslav strings. Right?


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    Re: GOS vs Miroslav strings


    I\'ll try to keep to the facts here, as praise for GOS seems to be met with suspicion these days.

    If you were to see a list of what you get in terms of articulations, choices, expression control, lots of different types of short bows (not just one or two), loose and tight pizz and control between them, vibrato amount control, maestro tools which enables you to automatically alternate bowings and on long sustain patches enables you to play monophonic lines for added realism in terms of legato and more, you\'d see such a list for GOS and a much more limited amount of material for miroslav. Yes Miroslav offers choices, but no where near the amount of the enormous GOS library.

    Comparing the sound is really only something you can do, and perhaps collect opinions from others but then you know that\'s subjective.

    But in terms of what you get for your money, I doubt many could argue that miraslav is worth the money when compared to GOS.

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    Re: GOS vs Miroslav strings

    I would suggest getting GOS as it covers most situations. I\'ve found that Miroslav excels mostly for slow music but is not as good for medium to fast pieces. It is not chromatically samples and some of the instruments have really limited ranges. With GOS you get 16 CD\'s of samples with great programming. Miroslav is, I believe, 1 or 2 discs. Can\'t remember because I was using it in a friend\'s studio.

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