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Topic: gigastudio

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    OK, my PC died and i'm going to build a new PC to handle gigastudio better and also run the extremely taxing Play libraries as well as Omnishpere. Anyway, has anyone tried to reload gigastudio and get a new auth number from Tascam? I'm wondering how it went for you and was it easy to do?

    I'v had the same computer with giga on it for over 3 years so i don't think they will be able to give me an *&^^ about installing on a new computer.

    Thanks for any help in getting this done.

    giga... (I gotta get a new handle don't I?)

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    Re: gigastudio

    What version? 2.5 or 3?

    The authorization code for 2.5 works on any machine.

    For GS3 I registered it again with no problem.

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    Re: gigastudio

    giga 3

    Good news!


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