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Topic: Worse Than a Teen Chat Room.

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    Worse Than a Teen Chat Room.

    This forum is getting crazy.

    I can\'t believe some of the posting that is going on.

    Why, are many, passing judgment...throwing blame...making fun of...insulting...? etc.

    We are all professional in our work.

    Some, great composers.
    Some, great sound designers.
    Some, great sample developers.

    Can we please get back to the music and the art of your craft?

    Thank You

    Francis Belardino

    Sound Designer
    Audio Visions, LTD.
    Wilmington, DE.


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    Re: Worse Than a Teen Chat Room.


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    Re: Worse Than a Teen Chat Room.


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    Re: Worse Than a Teen Chat Room.

    Francis that\'s only 5% of all posts you\'re talking about!

    There are still lots and lots of useful topics on this forum!

    And there\'s nothing wrong with a good online laugh from time to time, right ?

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    Re: Worse Than a Teen Chat Room.

    Yea, no doubt. But I think its more than 5%... maybe 10.

    Point made. Great work on the Brass demos by the way. I did ask that an email I sent was forwarded to you...saying the above

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    Re: Worse Than a Teen Chat Room.

    \"Professional\" is not, by any means, defined as \"sugar and spice and everything nice\".

    I\'m GLAD that these comments are popping up. Sure, some posts may be childish and immature, but all this \"controversy\" will lead to everyone having a more informed opinion on what\'s out there.

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