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Topic: J.S. Bach and Paul Bley

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    J.S. Bach and Paul Bley

    Dear All,

    Here is my piano rendition of J.S. Bach's 'I call unto Thee Lord Jesus Christ', from the Little Organ Book:


    (There is also a piano transcription by Busoni which I deliberately did not listen to.)

    I'm also posting my version of a thing called 'Mr Bley', by the great Dutch composer and pianist Jeroen van Vliet:


    It's a tribute to the Canadian jazz pianist Paul Bley, whom I also very much admire. You can find more info about Jeroen van Vliet at www.jeroenvanvliet.com (although this site seems to be down at the moment of posting).

    Hope you'll like the music!

    Best wishes,

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    Re: J.S. Bach and Paul Bley

    These are both very nice Jan. You play with a very nice and delicate style. It fits both these pieces. I'm afraid I would be hammering my way through these.

    Well presented and thank you.
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    Re: J.S. Bach and Paul Bley

    Hi Jan, both works are very well performed, i like your personal touch in the first piece, is very spiritual and pleasant to the ear. You have a lot of sensibility and good taste playing the piano. I didn´t know about van Vliet and the web page is down, but i´d like to know more about him, his work is interesting.



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    Re: J.S. Bach and Paul Bley


    Very well done on both accounts.

    Your fine piano touch is evident throughout and I like
    your sequential, creative ideas.

    Great piano sound.


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    Re: J.S. Bach and Paul Bley


    The second piece has some great runs in it. Very nice playing.

    There are some player sounds that I personally would not have as loud, but that is just me. They do seem to get quieter as each piece continues or maybe I just block them out.

    I also like it a little dryer, but that is also a matter of taste.

    In the second one where the left hand gets loud, the mix is a bit too hot and there is some crackling.

    I am not trying to cut this piece down as the piece does sound good. Just a few minor things.

    Well done

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    Re: J.S. Bach and Paul Bley

    Thanks for taking the time to listen everyone; I'm very pleased you like the pieces.

    Ron: you're right about the volume, thanks for pointing this out. The left-hand outbursts in 'Mr. Bley' certainly are too loud. This even causes what sounds like digital clipping and I'll do a fader ride there. I suppose I'm still learning to harness the immense dynamics that the virtual Steinway is capable of! About dryness, I take it that you're referring to the amount of reverb? Both pieces were recorded using the 'stage side' perspective, with no additional reverb. For previous recordings I used the 'under the lid' perspective, which has a much dryer sound of course, with a little bit of added reverb from Altiverb. Perhaps this ultimately works better for the kind of stuff I do, although I like the rich sound you get from the reverberant 'stage side' perspective. I tend to find the 'classic' perspective a bit too unfocused, however, even for classical music.


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    Re: J.S. Bach and Paul Bley

    Wow, they were great to listen to. They made me think of Keith Jarret in a way.

    Very nice piano work!


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    Re: J.S. Bach and Paul Bley

    Great performances. Thanks


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    Re: J.S. Bach and Paul Bley

    Welcome aboard, Jan!

    Both well done -- but I must say the 'Mr. Bley' piece
    was a particular pleasure... what a lovely work. I'm
    familiar with little of Jeroen van Vliet's writing; but
    shall surely make a point of listening to more of it!


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: J.S. Bach and Paul Bley

    Thanks very much for listening and responding, Phil, B.R. Smith and David!

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