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Topic: newb - quesiton about the piano & strings in GPO

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    newb - quesiton about the piano & strings in GPO

    I've not bought GPO yet, but am thinking about it.

    I am wondering about the piano..., - the volume of the rest of the samples (I believe) is controlled by the mod wheel.
    Is the volume of the piano determined by key velocity?

    Also, I have cakewalk sonar and they have a pocket GPO that comes with the product.
    In that they have string section ensembles ready made. Is it the same with GPO or do you have to build up a string section instrument by instrument.

    I hope I explained the last bit right?

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    Re: newb - quesiton about the piano & strings in GPO

    The keyboard instruments in GPO play like real keyboards (velocity). The same goes for most percussion. GPO employs the mod wheel when control over dynamics after note-on is needed. For instance, a snare drum roll can be made louder and softer with the mod wheel.

    To your second question, GPO has "ready made" string section patches as well as individual player patches.

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