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Topic: omnishpere

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    Ok, so I'm using gigastudio 4 on a new pc running windows vista x64 and GS4 will host vst instruments, so my question is...

    can I use Omnisphere on a vista x64 machine? and will it run under GS4 on a x64 machine?

    spes on Spectrasonics web site just say vista compatible and does not say if Omnishpere specifically works on a x64 machine.

    Thanks, a bunch


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    Re: omnishpere

    I know you're out there...I can hear you breathing.


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    Re: omnishpere

    I have briefly run Omni on my Vista 64 setup. I don't use that setup for daily work - but I was able to establish that it did work. The opening screen seemed to stay blank for a few seconds and then appear... but that does not surprise me in Vista.

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