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Topic: Proposed KingIdiot Sample library updates and requests

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    Proposed KingIdiot Sample library updates and requests

    well I thought Id share some of the ideas I\'ve been toying with for updates I want to create for existing libraries

    You guys know I\'ve done some sample editing for GOS and tehy\'ll be on their way, hopefully, soon.

    I\'d also been screwing around with VotA ART files, but Nick and Dave are working on theirs and I dont want to steal their thunder j/k seriously I dont want to do teh the work

    However I\'ve had my own ideas for a consonant update and will probably record my own \"missing link\" samples for VotA, maybe all consonants for people with other libraries...tho I dont have SoV so I cant make sure they\'ll work well together.

    Id like to ask people with \"ambience\" samples to share. If you\'ve done recording in a hall or studio or some place where the \"air\" has its own character, please share.

    Also if anyone plays any instrument. If you could take some time to record some \"oddball\" noises. Like pick rakes on a guitar or bow movement on a solo string. This kind of stuff is stuff we could use to player on top our samples to give variations.

    nuances is what I\'d like to see, but sample developers seem to put this stuff to the wayside. If we could share and create our own I would stop hassling developers for this kind of stuff. How hard is it to add extra breaths from layers in to your library? or noises that you tediously edited out as an \"extra\" sample. grrr anyway. Believe me I even Jump on Gary about this one. AO has a great FX patch that I only recently found.

    lets try and help each other create the tools to make better music with our Gigalibraries...

    I\'d like to have a community like start/grow here. Somewhat like what Worra does with his frree gig site, but linked to this forum since there is traffic and we can discuss what we \"want\".

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Proposed KingIdiot Sample library updates and requests

    Sounds good to me King!

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    Re: Proposed KingIdiot Sample library updates and requests

    Very good King.

    I\'d be interested in trying out the consonants on SoV.

    Also my studio should be complete in March and I have some ethnic percussion and Tenor sax samples I plan to record. I could use some of your performance editing skills if your interested.

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    Re: Proposed KingIdiot Sample library updates and requests

    sure thing jubal

    Really...I am an Idiot

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