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Topic: Sample Lib Sound Management?

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    Sample Lib Sound Management?


    Now that I have a ton of libs (filled up a 500GB drive)... some self-made; some independents; some big name; some friend of a friend, I'm finding it harder and harder to remember what I've got... let alone actually -use- them efficiently. Some are giga, some are halion, some are kontakt, etc... etc... etc...

    So from time to time I ask people how (or if) they try some sort of 'management system' to help them remember what they've got and where it is.

    So often now, I struggle to create a sound starting with a lib, then lots of processing, only to remember after the fact that I already had the same darned thing from 4 years ago. D'Oh!

    Your Thoughts?


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    Re: Sample Lib Sound Management?

    good organisation.
    I have probably well over 1TB of samples divided on several disks, wich has accumulated over the years since starting out on akais and such.

    Just create a Logical and practical file system , and when everything is sorted in proper categories, im always amazed of how little i actualy got lol.

    I think its also a good idea to spend some time with any new library or sound, sort them ...and make a consistant file structure, and remove all formats and additional clutter you dont need.

    ...the only thing that stops this madness are the filepaths becoming too long :P

    Wading thru messy folders inside folders looking for something you think you remember where is, and only to find that the sample links are broken...is not a great way for instantly capturing inspiration.

    Im not aware of any appliction besides the human brain that will do this for you

    It might be a good idea to stick with one format if you can.
    I translated all my older Halion giga and whatnot stuff to kontakt where possible, and spendt some time with the programming and library structure of any imported lib in kontakt. keep it tidy.

    It might be boring, but its a hell of alot easier to use afterwards.
    I thought like this...maybe im gonna be using these sounds for 20 years.
    So should i do the job once, or every time i need to use the sounds for the next 20+ years?
    wich seems more efficient?

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    Re: Sample Lib Sound Management?

    i can't give any better advice than what Pzy-Clone gave. if anyone has anything else i'd be curious to hear it.
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: Sample Lib Sound Management?

    You could use Kore 2 to create your sound, tag it and file it for later use. The Kore browser makes it easy to find such sounds again.

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    Re: Sample Lib Sound Management?

    If you've got 500 Gb already its probably too late, it will take forever to listen to each one and file it properly.

    I've got thousands but hardly use most of them so give up and start again systematically
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    Re: Sample Lib Sound Management?


    this might be something of interest.
    I have no clue if its released or if its any good, but it looks relevant to this discussion at least.

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    Re: Sample Lib Sound Management?

    I just did this myself over the long weekend, and this is what I came up with as a folder structure. I also took the opportunity to convert EXS into Kontakt (which didn't always work):

    01 STRINGS
    ------201 Orchestral
    ------ 202 Jazz_Pop
    03 BRASS
    ------ 301 Orchestral
    ------302 Jazz_Pop
    ------ 401 Orchestral
    ------ 402 Film
    ------ 403 Kits
    ------ 404 Beats
    06 VOICES
    ------701 Acoustic Pianos
    ------ 702 Electric Pianos
    ------ 703 Harpsichords
    ------ 704 Organs
    ------ 705 Clavs
    ------ 706Synths
    08 FRETS
    ------801 Acoustic Guitars
    ------802 Electric Guitars
    ------803 Acoustic Basses
    ------804 Electric Basses

    The "Film" subcategory within Percussion means things like Cinetoms, Drums of War, etc. Within Strings I kept things separate by Manufacturer, not by section.

    Whenever possible I didn't change the file structure. For example, I put the entire EWQLSO Brass folder within the Orchestral Brass folder, so it had no problem finding the samples. For the Kontakt 3 library I put the whole thing in the Support Files folder, then I made copies of the instruments in the various category folders. Each time I open an instrument I have to show it the samples then resave the instrument (this because the Batch Resave feature in Kontakt doesn't yet work!).

    It could use more refinement. I think a tag system that would include a star rating would be the best.


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    Re: Sample Lib Sound Management?

    Hmmm... A bit thin on details, but it definitely sounds like it hits -my- nail on the head. Thanks, though!

    Quote Originally Posted by Pzy-Clone View Post

    this might be something of interest.
    I have no clue if its released or if its any good, but it looks relevant to this discussion at least.
    To JMDNYC... thanks. I'll give it a think. The problem with any such 'Dewey Decimal' system, of course, is that many libs cover several categories.

    To me it's interesting that no one else (besides 'Chicken' apparently) has given this a serious try. Maybe it's sort of hopeless to even try?


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