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Topic: Best Holiday Value?

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    Best Holiday Value?

    Anybody see anything that is too good to pass up? I am seriously looking at the VSL Extended package at 35% off since I own the SE Standard package. In a better economy I might be spending more but things are tough! I did manage to get Omnisphere a while back but aside from it and the VSL SE I don't think I bought anything else this year.

    Any other super deals going on that you may want to share?

    Happy holiday shopping!

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    Re: Best Holiday Value?

    Native Instruments are doing 50% off upgrades. I'm seriously tempted to jump from Komplete 3 to 5.

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    Re: Best Holiday Value?

    If you like IK's plugins, that have buy one get one free.

    I got the Miroslav ($199) and SampleMoog (free).
    Ezsounds had a group buy with something called ReTank with was ST 2 and loops which are midi's and samples for $99. With that deal I got TRacks 3 free.

    So I got ST 2L,Miroslav Philharmonic, Sample Moog, TRacks3 for under $300.

    It seems the bargains get better when you move away from orchestra stuff. Of course it's hard to avoid Sampltekk's group buys. I've gotten some nice pianos for under $50.

    There's a lot of deals around this time of year which is not good for gear junkies. So you have to pick your poison.

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    Re: Best Holiday Value?

    Lyrical Distortion has a Lyrical Direct Release Sale
    39% off all libraries
    Sale is good until Sunday night


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