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Topic: Use of the title "Moron"

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    Use of the title \"Moron\"

    I think the title \"Moron\" is really quite underused. It could be interjected into casual conversation at will. Just as the word \"like\" is. examples; \"Hey Nick, could you, moron, give me a hand?\" or \"Dear Moron, thank you for buying this sample library!\"

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    Re: Use of the title \"Moron\"

    Moron, Moroff...

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    Re: Use of the title \"Moron\"

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Nick Phoenix:
    I think the title \"Moron\" is really quite underused.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Ok Nick...posting your opinions about GOS is one thing. But if I\'ve said it once, I\'ll say it again, I can\'t stay silent any longer!!

    For those of us who have spent years and worked long and hard to obtain the title of \'moron\' this is an insult. Do you really know what it takes to become one? Do you?

    I can hear it now...there goes Garritan the \'moron\'...oh look Donnie the \'moron\' has come out with a new library. This must stop!!

    Are there any other Morons who are offended?...anyone?...King?


    Really, I am a Moron

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    Re: Use of the title \"Moron\"

    Hehe, now this is getting a little silly. :-)

    Official Northernsounds Moron Member

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    Re: Use of the title \"Moron\"

    I don\'t know Nick.....I think the use of moron is pretty safe here


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    Re: Use of the title \"Moron\"

    Just having some fun. Nothing to do with GOS.

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    Re: Use of the title \"Moron\"

    You know, somewhare in the darkest jungles of Africa the word Moron is considered to be very sacred and should only be uttered softly and in numbers of three. Kind of chant like.

    repeat after me.

    morrrrrrron, morrrrrrron, morrrrrrrron

    To not do so would be very insulting, and to mock it would mean being slapped with a white glove, forced to hop on one leg with both hands tied behind the back, made to eat lead chips, sing \"Oh Canada\" backwards, and be shunned.

    Very serious


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    Re: Use of the title \"Moron\"

    hey Nick...

    I think you\'re obbssessed, have to bring GOS up in every one of your threads

    I personally dont care for the word moron. Moran is more pleasing to my ears, but still Insulting as I am an Idiot and not a moron. Two distinctly different things. As well, I wouldn\'t like it is the title moron was thrown around more,.... in fact I\'d like to suggest everyone use the title idiot more often, that way I will be your King, and you will send me money...and free libraries.....and free gear, and pay for my castle....and love me and cherish me and...oh wait...thats not it...

    oh and by the way

    \"nih....nooh.....Nih....Nooh....no no no its not noooooh its Nih.....nnnnooh...No Nih.....nnnnih....Nih ... Nnnih\"

    Really...I am an Idiot

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