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Topic: Wii Music

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    Wii Music

    Maybe Gary could adapt this to one of the Score type players.
    Use it to input CC's.


    An interesting development from Nintendo, for sure.
    It's a Viking thing.

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    Re: Wii Music

    Its AWEFUL! my friend has that game and it is absolutely NOTHING like playing an instrument in anyway what-so-ever, and the music arrangements and sound is tripe! They could have made it so cool and epic (imagine conducting a wicked film score virtually!) instead its 'lets play along to twinkle twinkle little star..."

    as you can probably guess, i was so disappointed with that game! come on nintendo, get your act together!

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    Re: Wii Music

    On the other hand, there seem to be people out there waking up to the potential of the controller. There was an article in last month's Future Music (or possibly Computer Music - I can't remember - or even Sound on Sound) about the possibilities. I can't remember the details, but I think it centred on using MAX/MSP to write Wii to MIDI converter scripts.

    I guess most of us aren't that inclined to do the DIY thing, but it can't really be long before someone produces a commercial USB Wii receiver and we can start using aerial motions to control several dimensions of CCs.

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    Re: Wii Music

    Yes, you can use a Wii remote as a midi controller. After seeing it talked about some time ago (on this forum!) I gave it a go and it worked (after a LOT of fiddling around). It was a while back but this is what I did:
    - bought a Wii controller from PCWorld (but not a Wii console)
    - plugged in a bluetooth USB adaptor (because the Wii controller uses bluetooth)
    - downloaded 4 bits of software:
    a) Bluesoleil (because the software that came with my bluetooth USB adaptor didn't recognise the Wii controller)
    b) downloaded Wiinremote software (free)
    c) downloaded forum member Yujade's mouse to midi software
    d) downloaded Glovepie software
    - initially got it all working together by using Wii controller as a mouse via Wiinremote, then using Yujade's software to convert that movement to midi. It was a bit fiddly keeping the mouse inside the designated area on the screen with noticeable lag, so then I tried Glovepie software.

    While it 'worked' it somehow didn't feel as natural as I thought it would and the response wasn't great. Having spent several evening trying to get it to work, and finally succeeding, then that was the first and last time I tried it and it was back to the modwheel/FCB1010 from thereonin.

    Trying to cut my losses having splashed out on the Wii controller, I then tried to use it with a specially adapted version of Half-Life for PC, but also quickly reverted to good old W-A-S-D + mouse too as my mind couldn't associate rotating to the right with tipping the controller to the right. Sweeping movements to the right would rotate you to the left if accompanied by a slight tip to the left. Not the way to frag!

    Do a search on YouTube for "Wii Midi" to see how some have used the controller in a midi setting.

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    Re: Wii Music

    Yes, Wiimotes are extremely popular in the DJ/VJ community. I know of several who spin audio and video with them, controlling custom Jitter and Max apps that usually spin out to Ableton Live.

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    Re: Wii Music

    It's an interesting concept.

    But I have a strict policy against wearing white when I play.

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    Re: Wii Music

    Quote Originally Posted by etLux View Post
    It's an interesting concept.

    But I have a strict policy against wearing white when I play.
    Yes David, it is after labor day. However, do not despair!

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    Re: Wii Music

    Quote Originally Posted by Reegs View Post
    Yes David, it is after labor day.
    Oh, it's not that.

    It's just that I drool a lot.

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    Re: Wii Music

    Quote Originally Posted by etLux View Post
    It's an interesting concept.

    But I have a strict policy against wearing white when I play.
    lol! I wasnt saying the wii-mote was lame in my original post, just that the game was! I saw my brother playing half-life 2 with the wii-mote once...he ended up slamming on the desk in annoyance!

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