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Topic: Image Line Ogun...

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    Image Line Ogun...

    Highly recommended. Frankly, I've not checked out anything Image Line does out of 'fruity loops' snobbery. But I gotta say... this thing is AMAZING. It's designed to do 'metallic' sounds by additive synthesis and BOY does it -ever-. It's like FM on steroids... every clanging/tinking/pinging sound you ever liked about FM8, this thing does... except HUGER and hyper-realistic. Many of the programs sound like awesome sample libs from Heavyocity or StormDrum... but they ain't. For $79? It's a steal.


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    Re: Image Line Ogun...

    Wow - that is pretty cool. And you're right about the price. Seems to get some fairly 'organic' sounds for a synth.

    Hope you don't mind me asking this question here, but has anyone used any of their effects plugs? I am curious about Maximus in particular. Any thoughts/experiences with that?

    I use Sonar and there is a similar included plug called Boost 11. It has all the subtlety of a freight train - never been able to use it effectively (not much of a rock/metal guy - and I guess that is what it is designed for). But I wonder if Maximus is a more effective means of increasing final voume - without killing the mix overall; if that is even possible.


    Thanks for pointing that out Suntower. And please don't let my question derail any discussion of Ogun - just didn't think it was worth creating a whole other thread for.

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