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Topic: Fantasia Bætica

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    Fantasia Bætica

    With all the snow outside one gets a taste for sunny Andalucia, so I copied an rendered this piece. It was also a test for Overture (and boy, I ran into difficulties, program flaws and other nasty things... you wouldn't believe it!)

    Enough talking, let's listen to

    Fantasia Bætica Manuel De Falla

    For the score, see IMSLP website. This one is free downloadable.

    ... and Raymond is longing for this.......



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    Re: Fantasia Bætica

    ---I've spent the late evening searching back in the old archives, finding so many things I didn't get to hear last year when I was called away with "Dorian."

    I've found quite a large series of post from you, Raymond, where the files no longer are up online--It's such a shame when things are removed. It looks like you went through quite a burst of posting things which were being overlooked--I was hoping to revive such a piece, but I'm finding all the links dead!



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