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Topic: Musical War!

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    Musical War!

    My choir which is based at Nordstom's Great Hall at Annas Bay and the Harstein Island choir were suppose to be cooperating for a combined seasonal concert at the local high school on the 21st.

    Elizabeth, who is the Harstein Island choir director started coming up with totally unacceptable demands as far as the music and performance.

    Next thing we know she started distributing flyers around town about the concert using my choir director's art work with no mention of our choir or our sponsors.

    It has now erupted into a war where she has announced a seasonal concert at the Harstein Island hall and the concert at the high school has been canceled. She even some how got ahold of our choir email list and sent cancellation notices to our members. My choir director has had to assure everyone that the concert at the high school is is going on without the Harstein folks unless they want to show up anyway.

    My choir director won't pass judgement on her but it's obvious what she is up to again. Last spring she covered the town with flyers about a Harstein Island spring concert which just coincidently was on the same day as our concert.

    I know healthy competition is good but her actions are just plain nasty. One can only wonder what goes on inside her head. Maybe she feels threatened because many of her choir people have joined our choir because of her authoritarian attitude.

    I always thought music was for bringing people together not creating strife.

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    Re: Musical War!

    Flourish and prosper!

    Music IS about making people feel better and bringing them together.

    So definitely ignore her and just do your own thing bigger and better than before. Some people can't help but "fight imaginary enemies for the good of all" but the mistake they make is that there is no one left after they've killed them all.

    So ignore her and her war and find a way to do your thing bigger and better.

    Flourish and prosper is the only way to win.

    I learned that from a good friend.

    Hope it helps!

    All the best,

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    Re: Musical War!

    Rise above the minutia and sing!
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    Re: Musical War!

    Sounds like several I've come across in the past. Just as the other guys have said,
    Flourish and prosper!
    Rise above the minutia and sing!
    Sounds like she has insecurity issues.

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