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Topic: What Are You Excited About?

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    What Are You Excited About?

    I hate to steer us all away from PLAY bashing and Christmas Sales, but what new samples are you getting excited about? I only ask because I'm curious as to what's on the horizon.

    I myself am looking forward to a bunch of the new Garritan Products. The new GPO ARIA is going to include the Sam Brass (close mic) from what I understand as well as some new behind the scenes stuff.

    I'm also under the impression that GOS2 is going to have an updated Strad and Gofriller as well as a solo viola and bass along with updated string sections.

    Gary also has a choir in the making - I need an affordable choir.

    I realize that GPO isn't to some people's liking, but I think it's amazing for the price. So people like me can afford to put their musical ideas to actual audio.

    The other stuff I'm really excited about are all the tonehammer products. These seem like great sounds from all the demos, and so affordable at the same time. I guess the big turnoff for people is going to be the wet recordings, but this is also a huge plus for others. And from the sound of it, they might be EXS compatible in the near future.

    Anyway, sorry for all the Garritan praising (I really do like the stuff). But what new sounds are you excited about?
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: What Are You Excited About?

    I'm really curious about the new features and the pricing of "SAM Orchestral Brass Classic" which will hopefully be available soon.

    But I also have an eye on the smaller companies such as Tonehammer, Scarbee or Westgate Studios (whose website is a little outdated at the moment). I'm sure that I'll get some more stuff from these companies in the future.

    Chis Hein Horns 2 is ready to be tested at try-sound.com. The demos on chrishein.net or bestservice.de sound very tasty.

    Finally I'm waiting for a horn and a oboe by Peter and Giorgio (Samplemodeling.com)

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    Re: What Are You Excited About?

    I think Garritan is doing an ethnic library as well. Personally, I can't wait to see when they announce what's coming. If he does with the orchestra what he did with the Gofriller cello, I'm all over it.

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    Re: What Are You Excited About?

    I'm hoping Sonic Couture come up with something as unique, and as thouroughly sampled, as their Balinese Gamelan. I just love their stuff - I mean, bowed piano, hang drum - where do they get the ideas?

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    Re: What Are You Excited About?

    PLAY bashing? lol

    Well, on that subject - I am very muych looking forward to the new EWQL string lib that they are either working on right now, or will be shortly.

    And if anyone is doing Symphobia pt2, I would be looking forward to that.

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