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Topic: Where is Samplicity?

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    Where is Samplicity?

    Hey guys, has anyone ordered from Samplicity recently? I placed an order on Nov. 11 and it hasn't shown up... and no one replied to an email at their info@sam... email, so I've just sent another one. I'm dying to get my hands on the L96 IR set but it's M.I.A....


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    Re: Where is Samplicity?

    Hi Kerry,

    There was another guy a while back who had also ordered, but apparently never heard anything from Peter Roos, the maker of Samplicity. I was lucky enough to get both libraries last year or so. A few weeks ago I mailed PR with some questions about how to use multiple IRs (> 2), but he hasn't replied yet.

    My impression of PR is very positive, I might add.
    He's been very kind and helpful to me earlier.
    Although it is of course annoying and frustrating to place an order and then hear nothing, I'm actually worried that PR is not ok.

    I hope he is back soon, and that you receive your order - both libraries are very, very nice.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Where is Samplicity?

    It turns out that Peter was just offline for a while because of a move: nothing serious!


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    Re: Where is Samplicity?


    Thanks for posting, Kerry!

    Best regards,

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