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Topic: Mac pro or macbook pro for EWQLSO

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    Question Mac pro or macbook pro for EWQLSO

    Hi guys, finally have the courage to post my first thread here

    I am trying to decide what mac computer to go for for my Mac EWQLSO PLAY gold rig that I am setting up.

    The choice is between:

    * Mac Pro 2.8 octo core 8 GB ram, 2 x 300gb WD raptors

    * Macbook pro 2.8 dual core maxed out with 6 GB ram, 2 x 7200rpm HDDS though eSATA.
    running Logic 8

    Would the Macbook pro be a good compromise between mobility and performance and a worthy desktop replacement? 6 GB seems quite enough for the gold edition atleast.

    How much does SO GOLD PLAY benefit from the octo core?
    I really like the idea to bring my studio with me when I travel, thats why I am opting for the MBP as my primary choice.

    I would really appreciate some tips before I spend some serious money.

    Thanks alot,


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    Re: Mac pro or macbook pro for EWQLSO

    I have a Macpro and am using it to run EWQLSO as a stand alone with Play. It is working great! I would recommend the Macpro, but that is only my opinion based on what is working for me.

    There have been several problems on the East West forum with the Macbook, so you may want to do some poking around over there before you take the leap.



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    Re: Mac pro or macbook pro for EWQLSO

    The only advantage you get with the MBP is mobility, so you really need to decide how important that is to you. Otherwise the MP is much more powerful and expandable.

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