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Topic: Envelopes, Arpeggiator in Reference Guide?

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    Envelopes, Arpeggiator in Reference Guide?

    Let me first say, upon getting Omnisphere up and running, my next step was to install the updates and inhale the reference guide. Since the promise of a reference guide on a par with the one provided for Stylus RMX was, for me, part of the attraction re: Omnisphere, I'm happy to say that said ref. guide is exactly what I'd hoped for.

    However, I am wondering: will future Omnisphere updates add sections on Envelopes, the Arpeggiator and even the effects to the reference guide?

    Also, is the simplest way to have a default patch in the patch browser to create one yourself, so you can just pull that up after working with some other preset?

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    Re: Envelopes, Arpeggiator in Reference Guide?

    Yes, additions to the reference guide are on the way. In the mean time there are tutorial videos at support.spectrasonics.net which cover some of the topics you mentioned. Yes, you can save your own default patch if you like, or use "Clear Patch" from the utility menu.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Envelopes, Arpeggiator in Reference Guide?

    Thanks for such a quick response! Glad to know that additions to the guide are in the works. I did check out the online videos before Omnisphere arrived and will go take another look at them now with an eye to those particular subjects.

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    Re: Envelopes, Arpeggiator in Reference Guide?

    Quote Originally Posted by GlennO View Post
    Yes, you can save your own default patch if you like,
    - Glenn
    How do you do that? I mean what do you call it and where do you save it?


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    Re: Envelopes, Arpeggiator in Reference Guide?

    HI..Call it what you want and then save it to your users library.. Check out some of the threads here about the user library..It seems to have not been defined with the Omni download..You will have to create a folder of such in your omni folder...

    Here goes..When Omni opens you get the default patch if you haven't set the settings to load last when opening..But even if that is the case..Click the utility icon at top left in Omni..Then selest clear part..You may have to do this twice it the patch has a layers..

    Then under the same utility click save patch..You then need to go to the patch area for users patches..
    Go to your Spectrasonics instruments folder..Open Steam..Then Omnishere..Settings library...Patches (If there is no "USER" folder you need to create one under the "Factory" one on this page...I believe it is a must it simply be called "user"//

    Now you would do best to create a new folder..I just called it Empty...And save it there..You don't need to fill in any of the attributes ot other stuff..

    Now in the search field type empty and there is you default empty patch..I'm on a Mac so may be different for you on another type of computer....JON

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    Re: Envelopes, Arpeggiator in Reference Guide?

    clear part always clears the part no matter how many layers thepatch had that was sitting in the part before.
    Clicking on it is definetly faster than locating a default patch and loading it unless you want to set up certain parameters in the default patch that suit your needs like preassigning the modwheel to control the LFO that modulates the pitch f.e.


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