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Topic: Using GPO to make the Wall of Sound

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    Using GPO to make the Wall of Sound

    Track 5 on the play list is one of my favorite cuts because it has a kids choir singing backup.

    This is a CD I just finished for Steve Vaile. I used GPO to make "Hippie's" Wall Of Sound on all the tracks. Here are the credits so you can get a feel for what I do.

    Steve Vaile & Friends announce upcoming 2009 CD release, "Mind Fusion- The Future Of Our Past Dreams". Selections previewed at MySpace include:

    Remember- C P 1992-2009 Steve Vaile International ASCAP. Words & Music by Steve Vaile. Produced by Steve Vaile & Aram 'Hippie' Cartozian. Mixed and mastered by Aram 'Hippie' Cartozian, 21st Century Remastering. Steve Vaile International Rock Philharmonic players: Steve Vaile- lead vocals, piano, keys. Aram 'Hippie' Cartozian- bass guitar, drums, organ, synthesizers, orchestra, backing vocals. Shawn (Shon) Cavanaugh- electric and slide guitar. Todd Rouse- backing vocals. Ronn Chick- guitar. Children's choir recorded at Soundtracks Records with producer Burke Harris- Matt Storey, Anna Webster, Mary Webster, Sandra Futrel, Jason Hafer, Megan Vansteenwyk, Emory Wanger, Jamie Morris and directed by Jolene Morrison.

    I know it's Rock n Roll but it is what I do and I use GPO to back the Rock n Roll up.

    Give it a listen, you can shower afterwards.



    Aram J. (Hippie) Cartozian
    21st Century Remastering
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    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Re: Using GPO to make the Wall of Sound

    It's a nice tune Hippie. It sounds good.

    I'm an old rock n' roller also. I remember seeing Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show. A major social shift took place that evening.


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    Re: Using GPO to make the Wall of Sound

    Big, broad, and beautiful, that Wall of Sound, Hippie...
    well done production job on this -- a pleasure!

    All the best,

    David Sosnowski

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