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Topic: Seperating soundsources from OMNI

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    Seperating soundsources from OMNI

    Hi..I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with not having the soundsources on their internal HD and using only the Synth osc.s ??

    I have the soundsources on an external HD,but wish to just work with the Synth Osc.s on my laptop..

    I;m on a macbook pro running tiger 10.4.11...

    So is it possible to do this and save the patches on the internal HD or is it part of the liscense thing.. JON

    This an edit of the above..I'll preface it with this..If I however am using a patch with a soundsource in it and save the Logic file I am not able to get any synth Osc.s or any sound at all from Omni..

    OK I know that if I save or rather have a patch using only the synth osc.s selected in Logic then save the Logic file..When I reopen it I get the synth patch..This done without the external drive on..But then how do I save the patches I wish to create in this way without the external HD...So my question is more like...How do I save the patches to my Laptops HD when away from the Omni library ??? Is the a way to do this ???

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    Re: Seperating soundsources from OMNI

    This doesn't directly answer your question, but its an alternative. I am running Omnisphere on a MacBookPro as well and I've installed Omnisphere on a firewire powered portable hard disk. Having used this set up out and about for several weeks now it works really well. I'm using an iomega 250gig its about half the width of a CD case and twice the thickness - so fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and hardly weighs anything. Despite it getting quite warm in use, it doesn't seem to lower the battery life of the laptop noticeably.

    One thing, if you're interested in this option is to make sure that its firewire and not just USB. USB 2, while it is slightly faster than firewire on paper, is only faster in bursts, and is a lot slower on a sustained read - so I doubt is USB would be fast enough for reading and streaming samples. I can report that firewire works perfectly.

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