Question 1
Freestanding Steinway. One can record keyboard playing connected to this GAS to a wave file. How do I record it making a midi file at the same time?

Question 2
I was trying CC#7 (volume of the MIDI) in Sonar. But it doesn't seem to work. All volumes are controlled by velocities. Or am I terribly wrong and doesn't see things quite clear?

To be honest my sight is getting worse and worse, but that is another story... and doesn't have to do with GAS.

Question 3
Today I rendered a very fast piece. Filled with 1/32's at a reasonable speed. Three bars/measures filled with groups of 4. Every beginning of the group has an accent and CC#64 to begin with until the end of the group. I used the Classical setting with velocity curve one click higher.

Unless I delete the pedals the rendering was messed up as if Aria couldn't get the notes in time. The first two of every group are audible, the other two not. So it sounded as jumping from one group to another, leaving a gap in between.. Any clues?