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Topic: Vienna Jazz Drums

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    Vienna Jazz Drums

    This is trio version of a piece I posted a few weeks ago. This one has Vienna jazz drums in the mix. It's a bit of a latin feel.

    Latin Bassoon Trio

    The ride cymbals on the Vienna jazz drums are nicely programmed and permit a lot of expression.

    Please give it a listen and let me know your thoughts.


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    Re: Vienna Jazz Drums

    Yes, the rides are nice. Have you added reverb to the toms at all, or do they come like that?

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    Re: Vienna Jazz Drums

    I have the same reverb on all the drum samples. I used the snare samples with snare in the off position. I think I used one tom tom and the snare drum in this. I purposefully left the floor tom tom out of this because it widened the stereo image too much at the time.


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