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Topic: Omnishpere Standalone?

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    Omnishpere Standalone?

    Have not read anywhere if there is indeed a standalone version. I have a P4 2.8 ghz with 2G ram with a 7200 internal drive dedicated to my samples. 5 years ago I bought this dedicated pc for my samplers. I use it for Gigastudio or Kontakt. Having read all of the posts concerning performance and cpu power, will it make enough of a difference if I'm dedicating a second pc as described to Omni?

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    Re: Omnishpere Standalone?

    there is no standalone version but you can use any of the freeware hosts.
    if you are considering to buy a 2nnd pc anyway better get a quadcore and you can use that to run all of your stuff simultaneously


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    Re: Omnishpere Standalone?

    If I could afford a Quadcore and Omnisphere my question would be redundant. My question is considering that I am currently using a P4 2.8ghz.

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    Re: Omnishpere Standalone?

    i misread your first post then because i thought you said you want to dedicate a second PC to run Omnisphere.
    Well at least the rest of my answer is valid-no standalone but you can use free hosts.

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    Re: Omnishpere Standalone?


    Are you sure Omnisphere will use more than one core?
    If not, then a Quad would be a downgrade compared to the fasted 2 core you can get.

    My understanding of softsynths is that they will only use 1 core at a time, but I'd welcome any input from anyone who is positive.

    Personally, my take on the dual and quad core idea, ( in general ) is that it has become near impossible to squeeze any more speed out of one core so the direction of development has changed from UP (faster) to sideways expansion.

    We might also want to check the recommend specs. for Omnisphere.
    Core 2 Duo recommended.

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    Re: Omnishpere Standalone?

    Hi Steve,
    this must be the thread of misunderstandings.

    I dont know of any plugin that can run on more than a single core.
    But if you have a quad or 8core computer you can of course run lots of instances of several plugs at the same time.
    Thats why i recommended to get a quadcore instead of going thru the hassle of networking two less powerful computers into one system.
    I agree with your point that cpu speed has probably hit the roof and that distibuting the task to multiple cores is the way of the future.
    On my 8 core i can hardly get the cpu to over 400% which means half of my cores are twiddling their thumbs.

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    Re: Omnishpere Standalone?

    Hi Hans,

    So each instance of Omnisphere would use a different core?

    So what is the operating frequency of the 8 core compared to the E8600 ( core 2 duo ) Wolfdale which runs at 3.33. And would that be 3.33 per core or actually 1.665 per core? ( L2=6mb )


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    Re: Omnishpere Standalone?

    Although one plugin can only utilize a single core for every instance that doesnt mean that one core cannot run multiple instances of the same plugin or plugins from several vendors for that matter.
    It depends on the complexity of the sounds in every instance.
    f.e. if i use one instance of Omni i can see how my first core gets busy.
    as long as i still have headrioom in that core i can add f.e. Stylus RMX and the core gets a little bit busier.
    If i keep adding plugs eventually the OS decides that the last one i added would be overkill for the first core and will assign it to the next core and so fourth.
    I am sure its way more complex than that but you get the idea.
    But as long as OSX takes care of that it doesnt bother me!


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