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Topic: Five Sketches for Piano

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    Five Sketches for Piano

    Some day I may expend these sketches. For now, I am content to leave them as they are. It was an experiment for me, the purpose of which is probably obvious. It was also a break from the tedium of cleaning up the score of a large amount of organ music, layout and expression.

    Sketch I - 1:22
    Sketch II 0:46
    Sketch III 1:53
    Sketch IV 0:51
    Sketch V 2:42

    There are about 2 seconds silence between sketches.

    Five Sketches


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    Re: Five Sketches for Piano

    A worth while experiment for sure.

    I thought they were all really good and would encourage you to work on them some more.


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    Re: Five Sketches for Piano

    I don't know that I'd expand these, Richard -- they stand
    quite well as is... and expanding them might lose the clarity
    of the relationship among them.

    Perhaps you might title the set something along the line
    of Five Perspectives...?

    Interesting exercise -- very well done!

    My best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Five Sketches for Piano

    I think these are very fine just as they are. The intricate interplay between the two parts is very enjoyable.

    I especially like the 3rd one and it fits very well between the shorter 2nd and 4th, and these three are nicely balanced by the opening and final sketches.

    Well done.


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    Re: Five Sketches for Piano

    Very nice, Richard.

    As others have pointed out, it seems that these five "sketches" stand quite well on their own as they currently exist. Of course, life wonderfully gives us lots and lots and lots of options. So, if you were to "expand" on these "sketches", it would be interesting to hear how they were developed. Here's another choice. How about orchestrating them in some way? But all five sound just fine as played on the piano.

    I like and appreciate the five distinct "look" or musical feel of each "sketch". (Pun intended. . . rather. . . attempted! ) I like 'em all. Very nice work.

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Five Sketches for Piano

    Dear Richard,

    I'd never heard your music before and I very much enjoyed listening to this. All five are intriguing pieces that merit repeated listening: quirky but with a definite sense of coherence and form, and in an odd way very beautiful. I was left wanting to hear more, and the tantalizing brevity is precisely part of the formal strength of the piece. I think the third sketch is my favourite. Perhaps a touch of reverb would make the sound a tad livelier; it sounds a bit on the dry side as it is.

    Many thanks for posting,

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