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Topic: Gigs for Gigs (live performance)

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    Gigs for Gigs (live performance)

    Most Giga people seem to be \"composers,\" i.e. film score, classical, orchestral type folks whose creation processes seem to require multiple passes at a given instrument track-for example:

    1. Play a violin line into the sequencer
    2. Edit the violin for velocity, controllers, dimensions, articulations, etc.

    I just read Scarbee mention he likes to play a bass line then hocket the track into appropriate strings.

    I think Giga is the best tool right now for sample performance, and want to create a live, \'Giga Gig Rig\'to accompany our due (we do it now with a Roland SC-88 GM module, you see why I want to upgrade!

    Obviously, I can\'t play a solo and ask the audience to wait while I go back and put in the performance gestures.

    I\'m looking for opinions on the best natural sounding intruments that can be played \'out of the box\' with no tweaking and re-recording needed, Essentially, I want to create a GM patch group (not really, but close enough) that uses the best quality Gigs (Scarbee bass, one of the Bose or Steinway pianos, etc. that DON\'T require edit passes to sound great.

    Ideas? Thanks...


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    Re: Gigs for Gigs (live performance)

    Read Pete Leoni\'s and Bruce Richardson\'s comments, along with some other user comments on my \"user comments\" page on my web site, regarding the \"Bosendorfer Imperial\" Concert Grand Piano,\"Vintage Guitars and Tenor Banjos,\" and \"Classic Accordions.\" Pete Leoni, along with some of these other professionals very much feel that these sampled instrument libraries are most usable and convincing as real instruments \"straight out of the box\" and without any processing, not only in music production, but on live playing engagements as well.

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    Re: Gigs for Gigs (live performance)

    Yep, It sounds very good idea! Thanks for mentioning it! I have same requested in the sample-library as additional GM compatible articulation setting. Of course It would be very nice if the sample library can be standardized on any intial MIDI Platforms.

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    Re: Gigs for Gigs (live performance)

    In principle I like the idea. In practice, how many of the 128 General MIDI devices would you need to accomplish this? How many pianos, strings, ethnic, etc.?

    Sounds like a useful if not challenging project to me. Nothing wrong with knowing which libraries make it easier though!


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    Re: Gigs for Gigs (live performance)


    I don\'t need an actual GM configuration, I just used that as a first principle example.

    I don\'t really need piano (this is what I play on the gig) but electric piano, clav, acoustic, slap/smooth/fingered basses, acoustic nylon and steel guitars, guitar mutes, lead OverDrive guitar and jazz guitar, (but not full distortion) alto, tenor, bari, trumpet, fluegelhorn, bone, percussion, strings as pads, strings as lead, etc, etc.

    Rather than the weak GM setup, I want a consistent set of quality sample sets that are, in general, playable more than absolutely detailed accurate (although the more accurate the better, of course)

    The trick is, these all take RAM, or waiting for GSPs to load between songs (something I want to avoid if possible.)

    So a lunchbox or (someday) laptop with 1GB RAM, 60 GB sample storage, 1.8 GHz processor, and a carefully constructed GSP file is what I am planning.

    What I need are recommendations for the more \'playable\' solo instruments that aren\'t huge RAM hogs. Orchestral instruments that aren\'t useful for solo work can be multi-pass editable, as these will only be created off-line, in the studio,

    But I solo on oboe, sax, trumpet, guitars, flute, blown bottle, shehnai, electric piano, synth patches, etc. These are the files I\'m seeking.



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    Re: Gigs for Gigs (live performance)


    The Scarbee basses include instruments which vary in complexity, from plug\'n play to \'just massage me one more time big boy\'.

    If you need to \'jam\' live, the .gig files include an actual \'jam bass\' which gives you access to all the most useful articulations without the need to do patch changes or edit velocities. They\'re right there under the keyswitches, mod wheel and normal velocity/keyboard parameters - all playable in real time without needing to be an octopus.

    For those who are into serious \'tweakage\' (yes I know KI, put your hand down lad..) there is the Studio Bass, which includes a Pandora\'s box of options, and then individual Strings setup as instruments. These .gig files allow you to customise a bass part more than any other bass sample library I\'ve heard of. And the nice thing is that if you learn, say, the slap bass, the finger bass and fretless bass libraries are a no-brainer, as they follow the same type of layout.

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    Re: Gigs for Gigs (live performance)


    Thanks for the response. I\'m already drooling for the Scarbee libraries. Keyswitch concepts work for me pretty well, although I don\'t play a lot of bass solos live, this is one of the parts that tends to be tweaked in the studio before I play the sequence out. I really kind of need \'one-hand\' solo instuments in general, as I frequently am playing left-hand chord accompaniment on piano.

    Horns, guitars, exotics (I know, I know, RI, it\'s on my list too!) BTW, how does Rare Instruments work as a live performance tool? Anybody tried this?


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    Re: Gigs for Gigs (live performance)

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by thesoundsmith:

    Horns, guitars, exotics (I know, I know, RI, it\'s on my list too!) BTW, how does Rare Instruments work as a live performance tool? Anybody tried this?


    Not bad at all. I have remapped several of the RI instruments to better respond to live parameters, breath control, etc.

    Getting facile with the editor is the #1 thing to do. If you learn how to reconstruct the libraries to your needs, it is to your advantage. It is not hard to learn, really.

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    Re: Gigs for Gigs (live performance)


    Ri is on my list of \"to get\"s when I finally pick it up can you share an ART file?

    BTW what other SFI impulses do you have lying around mr. Meyerson, tape Model, impulse geek :P

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Gigs for Gigs (live performance)

    I\'d LOVE to learn the editor, I enjoy editing and tweaking-I just don\'t have time to experiment with all the options. When David G\'s tutorial project is available, I\'ll be one of the first in line.

    It seems increasingly obvious to me that the more developers produce, the more we need to be able to tweak, to bring the patches in line with our performance methods.

    Thanks for the RI endorsement. I\'ll put it higher on my GS list.


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