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Topic: Omnisphere Streaming Issues

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    Omnisphere Streaming Issues

    Sorry if this has been addressed before, but I couldn't find an answer on any of the previous posts- I'm having serious streaming/glitching/freezing problems using Omnisphere and I wanting to see if there was something simple I missed that might help with the work flow which has been halted.
    Here's the setup in ProTools: 3 tracks- click, omnisphere, and TLspace. That's it! Omnisphere has four patches with a couple of filter tweaks and no additional FX than what normally loads with the patch. I can play simple melodies, but if I play a chord with more than 3 notes, the output glitches and/or freezes. Very Frustrating.
    In PT, the H/W Buffer size is 1024 (I don't mind the latency as the tempos are slow), I've tried 1 and 2 Processors, and I've modified the CPU Usage between 90-99%. No Luck.
    In Omnisphere, Streaming is ON, Pre-Load is normal or maxed, NumBytes is normal, min, or max, etc., I haven't found the magic setting. Also, when it glitches, the code starts with either a 21- or a 25-, not a 5-10# like the Spectrasonics support page says for Streaming issues. So perhaps it's not a streaming issue?
    Currently I have my audio/session files on one ext. drive and my samples on another ext. drive. Has anyone had more/less success running the Omnisphere samples from the system drive?
    I'm stumped and would love (and need) to keep using Omnisphere, but can't at this rate.
    Also, my setup has run great on an array of previous sessions, including mixing 40+ tracks with 30+ plugins, and more complex sessions running several instances of Kontakt with multiple patches loaded on each one + other instrument plug-ins all at once. No glitching.
    Any help with this would be VERY appreciated.
    PowerPC G5, Dual 2.0GHz, 4.5 GB Ram, OS 10.4.9, ProTools LE 7.4cs5, Rack002 (FW400), Audio and Sample Drives (FW800).

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    Re: Omnisphere Streaming Issues

    Your computer is at the bottom end of the recommended minimum specs for Omnisphere, but if after checking the FAQs your multi is still using more cpu than you would expect, send your ProTools session or the Omnisphere multi to tech support and they'll be glad to investigate it for you.

    - Glenn

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