Currently I have GS3 and Sonar 6.2. Works fine as I only configured GS3 in standalone mode and have Sonar 6.2 write to the GS3's midi port. Lately I got GVI as I plan to do live performances in the future as GS3 will give me BSOD randomly although not frequently. It turns out that Sonar 6.2 doesn't work well with GVI plugin as the patch/bank change is not working.

I have the following question and hope someone can shed light for me:

1. Is there a similar problem for Sonar 7 Home edition, ie patch/bank change message is not recognized/executed in GVI plugin mode ?
2. Which one is better in regarding working with GVI or GS3 rewire mode: Sonar 7 or Cubase essential 4 ? Has anyone used it with Cubase LE 4 ?