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Topic: "Humor" for Viola, Flute, and Piano

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    "Humor" for Viola, Flute, and Piano

    Hey Folks,

    I haven't posted any music here, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. This is the first of four movements for viola, flute, and piano entitled 'Humor'


    I don't have it available for download, but if you scroll down in the player a bit you'll see it. Thanks for listening!


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    Re: "Humor" for Viola, Flute, and Piano

    Oh WOW!!!!!


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    Re: "Humor" for Viola, Flute, and Piano

    Thanks for the listen! I've had a look down the page and realize that there are lots of pieces with no replies...too bad


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    Re: "Humor" for Viola, Flute, and Piano

    Hi Andrew. A great piece. Do you use Garritan Personal Orchestra? It was very well rendered.
    To my ears, it was a little too much reverb. But that doesn't have anything to do with composition, rather preference. Also I checked out your 'commercial' stuff.. Wow, great pieces. I make alot of movie and game oriented music as well (on a personal basis), but I wondered if you ever did any music for films etc? I really liked your stuff ¨
    Oh and I usually post in the "Garritan Libraries" section. So if you use any Garritan Libraries, that's a great place for feedback


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    Re: "Humor" for Viola, Flute, and Piano

    Hi arimail,

    Thanks for the listen!

    I do have GPO but this rendering was EWQL GoldXP. The 'far mic' positions are not ideal for chamber music (I think that's the reverb you are hearing) but it's what I used at the time. I've since gotten Platinum, but I'm not likely going back to re-render any time soon

    I haven't done any significant film music (a few student pieces and animations), but I am working on a game right now called Box Macabre http://boxmacabre.com/ which will be my focus for the next few months. it will be a featured game at the Garage Games booth at the San Francisco GDC in March. The bulk of my commercial work has been for Microsoft.

    I noticed that the Garritan Listening room was more active, but given the software I was using I didn't want to tread on anyone's toes. I've put up a Northernsounds.net page with a few other pieces if you're interested.


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    Re: "Humor" for Viola, Flute, and Piano

    Hey Andy - Another great "art" piece from you. I was imagining if Elliot Carter, Philip Glass, Messiaen, John Adams, and a few others were put in a blender, it might come out sounding something like what you've written. Notwithstanding the somewhat bizarre image, I meant that as a huge compliment.

    I agree that the viola hall ambience didn't exactly match the other instruments, but someday you'll get 3 real players in the same hall at the same time and the problem will be solved.

    Excellent work!


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    Re: "Humor" for Viola, Flute, and Piano

    Hey Richard,

    I'm going to have a t-shirt or coffee mug made with the 'Carter, Adams, Glass, Messiaen in a blender' quote! Thanks! I'm working on the real people version...

    I put another new piece up (Chamber Overture) if you're interested at Northernsounds.net which you can check out via the following link



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    Re: "Humor" for Viola, Flute, and Piano

    I just sent you an email about the Chamber Overture. If you don't mind, I'll reprint what I wrote to you:

    I just listened to this piece and again was very impressed with the energy, variety, subtlety, creative orchestration, rhythmic adventurousness, and cohesive structure that characterizes so much of your music. Good job.

    I think if you can start getting performances, and good ones at that, you could be on your way to becoming the next breakout contemporary classical music star.

    Are you taking all possible steps toward getting your music out there?


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    Re: "Humor" for Viola, Flute, and Piano

    Well, I keep sending them to this Zappa guy...

    Seriously, I'm working on it actively. These guys http://www.americanrepensemble.org/ are interested in performing the 3 chamber pieces that you saw last spring/summer. The Chamber Overture doesn't have a score yet, nor do the 4 movements for Flute, Viola, and Piano...so that's on the list for Jan/Feb of this year in hopes of consideration during Spring.

    Thanks for the listen...I'll keep you posted.

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