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Topic: I need someone familiar with Ravel...

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    I need someone familiar with Ravel...

    Hi folks, it's me again...

    I was just wondering... would anyone object to me posting a short piece i played/recorded of a short segment from a longer Ravel piece? I really need to know which of his works this came from.

    See... i did this awhile ago and learned/played it by ear from a CBC Radio recording i made. But have long since lost the tape and just do not recall which piece this short segment came from. It's a very lively segment.

    I have googled my butt off looking for Ravel's material and even found a list of his entire works. But i went through everything and could not find the piece containing this short segment i reproduced. Maybe it's not Ravel after all, but i'm fairly sure i remember it being his work. Someone can correct me if they know better.

    So... before posting my version of this music here, i thought i'd ask if it was OK to do so and request any help anyone could give me in tracking down this elusive bit of music. Please undestand that this is not an offering of my work using any specific sound library. I just need help finding the origin of this musical segment.

    Is there a more appropriate forum to post this request in? If so... please excuse my ignorance and point me in the right direction.

    Thanks for your time folks.

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    Re: I need someone familiar with Ravel...

    I can't speak 'officially' since it's not my forum, but I really don't see any trouble in asking such a question. Even Ravel himself wouldn't mind, was he alive! Plus, I do think that Ravel's works are in PD now (??? are they ???). And furthermore it's YOUR playing.

    Do post, do...

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    Re: I need someone familiar with Ravel...

    I'm curious to hear this piece, Mark.

    Sometime ago I had a similar experience, when a melody was haunting me...
    I was almost sure it was Ravel too, but I couldn't find from which composition it was...
    so I posted here and got my answer quickly.

    I'll sure try to help you solving your mystery, be it Ravel or any other composer...


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    Re: I need someone familiar with Ravel...

    Our Jack Siru comes immediately to mind when it comes to Ravel;
    you might search on his name (and also on Ravel, of course).

    You might also post over in General Discussion.

    All the best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: I need someone familiar with Ravel...

    OK cool guys, tyvm!
    I hope someone can help.

    Here's the link to the file: http://www.box.net/shared/lfd9c04jhn

    :::EDITER'S NOTE:::
    Guys i just noticed in trying to play the file i get no response in FF and a stack overflow error in IE. So you'll have to download the file. It's only 1.2mb though. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    :::EDIT #2:::
    Sorry, i forgot to address Nikolas's question about Ravel's works being PD (public domain). Yes, they became such on Jan.1/08. Except in France where there's some scuffle over particular rights. There, they will become PD in 2015.

    PS: thanks for the search tip etLux.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: I need someone familiar with Ravel...

    Well, I found it, but it is not Ravel, it is Stravinsky.

    It is from 'The Firebird suite':

    Part IV - Danse infernale du roi Kastchei (King Kastchei's Infernal Dance).


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    Re: I need someone familiar with Ravel...

    Aw man you're kidding me?! hehe I had a sneaking suspicion is might also be Stravinsky... as i was also into his works around the same time as Ravel's. I love his string arrangements and voicings.

    That's excellent Sunbird tyVm for finding that. But what ever made you look through Stravinsky? Did you recognize the piece?

    If i'm not mistaken, this work is now also in the public domain? It was published in 1910. Am i correct in that assumption?

    Wow thanks again Sunbird that is a real load off my mind. I appreciate your time/effort for this. And thanks to everyone else that offered any help, i am in your debt.

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    Re: I need someone familiar with Ravel...

    The moment I heard it I recognized it and knew it was not Ravel and my first instinct was Stravinsky, so I looked him up at Naxos.

    I don't know if he is already in the PD, I think it would depend on the country.

    You can't find his music sheets at IMSLP, for example.

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    Re: I need someone familiar with Ravel...

    Yup, Stravinsky Firebird:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTSSIzBxIwg (around 3:08)

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    Re: I need someone familiar with Ravel...

    Right on, thanks again guys.

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