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Topic: Any software that can do this?

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    Any software that can do this?

    Sorry for the OT departure here but I have a project that will need to do this:

    A user will pick up a product (tethered to a pedestal) which will activate a drum loop. Another user comes along and picks up another product that will trigger a bass loop. All together there will be six products each having it's own instrument.

    I thought it would be best to compose a 4-5 minute 6 track song and then output all of the tracks individually. The song would play, all tracks muted, and when the user picked up a product that particular track would be unmuted and would play. This may be the easiest approach.

    then I thought what if each product just played a loop. Some of the loops would be longer than others. Maybe there would be no real rhythm but cool bangs and stuff for the percussion. The other sounds could be Brian Eno like washes that could all blend together to create a liquidy type of new age piece. Maybe chanting voice samples as one of the tracks.

    Obviously this could be a technical challenge as well. My first thought was a program like Sony Acid or Garageband. (I use Cubase)

    Any thoughts or suggestions on this would sure be appreciated.

    All the very best,

    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Re: Any software that can do this?

    You're designing the system/interface from the ground up?

    My first instinct would be to use Max/MSP to receive sensory input from something like an Arduino, interpret it as an on or off and either process the loops internally in MSP or send on/off commands over to a loop running in a sequencer--Live might be a good choice for this. You could also DIY the hardware interface with something from midibox.org and code in what it needs to send, then process it in Live (and skip Max).

    Have you considered the use of IR sensors or other neat little devices? You can specify more than on/off states in that way and let people 'mix' the parts-- all relatively simple to code in Max/MSP. You can do some pretty deep DSP with MSP. Have never used the midibox stuff.


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