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Topic: Quiet Drums in J&BB

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    Quiet Drums in J&BB

    I have noticed something a bit strange doing a big band chart using J&BB. Using average seeting of velocity and modulstion for the horns & brass, the drums were much quiter than them, using average velocity settings for the drums. Why am I complaining, I hear you sax players ask. Maybe this is Gary's revenge for all those loud drummers we've all endured. Any clues as to what I am missing, you wise people.

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    Re: Quiet Drums in J&BB

    I use pretty high velocity settings on drums usually between 80-127. A drummer playing with a large band will have to play harder to be heard. So try raising your velocity levels.


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    Re: Quiet Drums in J&BB

    Hi, Ken

    Don't forget that you don't need to stick with the default volumes for any instruments. In KP, adjust each loaded instrument's volume to anything you want.

    The programmers did what they could to have default volumes which are theoretically balanced with other instruments you may load, but I never use the defaults.

    Depending on the combination of instruments you use, you're likely to have some things far too soft in contrast with other things. I find all the defaults too soft in general and always change them.

    And then there's also the added volume control with the individual sliders in KP--as long as you're assigning each instrument to separate faders as you should.

    Both of those volume controls, the knobs on the instruments and the sliders--those can all come into play before you add the control via MIDI.

    And I agree that the default volume of the JABB drums is too low.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Quiet Drums in J&BB

    Thanks Randy. I ca see the whole picture now.

    I guess that in real life, quiet drummers are not what I'm used to. They do exist but they seem to be a rare (endangered?) species.

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    Re: Quiet Drums in J&BB

    Hello again, Ken.

    The main point really is that there's no reason to stick to the default volumes for any of the instruments, not just the drums in JABB. It's all raw material for us to work with, including how we'd like the instruments to balance out in a mix.

    Keep having fun!
    Randy B.

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