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Topic: Snare Drums in J&BB

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    Snare Drums in J&BB

    Another topic relating to the J&BB drums

    I like a tighter sounding snare sound in my big band charts - the J&BB snares sound a bit dull for hard swinging arrangements (I guess drummers tighten the skins when doing this sort of stuff). Is this achievable?

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    Re: Snare Drums in J&BB

    I believe the snare hit on the Db right next to the regular snare hits (I think it's Db2 or maybe 1 depending on how your sequencer counts) is a harder snare hit. Have you tried that one yet?


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    Re: Snare Drums in J&BB

    Hi Ken,

    You can certainly tighten up the feel of the snare. Add a little shelf EQ to sizzle up the high end from about 1.5kHz onwards, a cut around 250Hz and a gentle boost at 125Hz, throw some compression on it, and you've got a whole 'nother snare!

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    Re: Snare Drums in J&BB

    Tghanks for that advice. That should get me going.

    So Reegs, does this mean that you record each drum on a separate track?
    How many tracks do you use?

    Regards Ken

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