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Topic: Kontakt ignoring midi

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    Kontakt ignoring midi

    Apologies if this is a simple/idiotic question, but yesterday my Kontakt player starting ignoring midi signals...either typed in by hand in Logic, or from my midi controller.
    It plays the sounds if I click on the onscreen keyboard notes...

    The midi controller is triggering the logic instruments fine but Kontakt is not registering it...any ideas would be gratefully heard. When I press the midi controller keys, the note names appear in Logic, so the problem is not there...
    I get the feeling a setting must have changed somewhere, somehow, but I have no clue as to what it could be!

    Thanks for your time


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    Re: Kontakt ignoring midi

    I get that with NI VSTs sporadically. Assuming you have checked all the normal settings, then the way I solve it is to remove that instance of the instrument from the VST Rack (or whatever it is called in LOGIC), then put it back again (reloading the instruments back into their respective channels). The reload seems to clear whatever causes the problem (and I've concluded it is not some setting or other I have accidentally changed).

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    Re: Kontakt ignoring midi

    I get the same thing, as was stated - (very) sporadically, and my soluton is also the removal and re-load of the instrument from KP2. I use SONAR 7 PE. Wish I knew what caused this but it doesn't happen very often to me.
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    Re: Kontakt ignoring midi

    Thanks for your replies...I actually got it sorted through a friend..turns out I'd somehow switched the midi channel from OMNI to something else,and then clicked on "make default".

    I had a suspicion it was a small, silly mistake...and..well I was right!

    Thanks for your help...I hope this maybe helps someone else out


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