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Topic: New Alchemy video's online :]

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    New Alchemy video's online :]

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    Re: New Alchemy video's online :]

    When I go to the Alchemy site and click one of the video links, the link turns into regular text. Has anyone else had the same experience? Does Camel use an odd type of video player plug-in on their site? (I can click on videos on other sites and see them without a problem.)

    I was using the latest version of Firefox and the latest version of the Firefox add-in No-Script, which blocks java, flash, and other scripts, but lets the user "allow" a given site. Even when I allowed the Camel site, along with YouTube and other sites with videos, it was preventing the videos from loading. I disabled No-Script entirely (In Firefox: Tools\Add-ons\...) and now all of the sites let me play videos.

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    Re: New Alchemy video's online :]

    Definately next buy

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    Re: New Alchemy video's online :]

    I'm surprised that there's not more discussion of Alchemy here. Everyone is waiting to see how it sounds, and what the hit is on poyphony and the cpu?

    If it can morph between low and high velocity samples, and give the developer\player control over the partial structure (including the envelope for each partial at each velocity), without locking up after you play a few notes, things are going to get really interesting.

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    Re: New Alchemy video's online :]

    "If it can morph between low and high velocity samples.."

    As I understand, there will be no such feature...

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    Re: New Alchemy video's online :]

    Hi..The cpu hit..Ouch,,if it is anything like Cameieon..I'm not sure they have made a computer fast enough yet ..LOL...I'm going for the upgrade from C50000....I LOVE Cam...But have all ways thought the cpu usage was a shoddy draw in regards to the programming..Time will tell...Hurry up guys..I'm actually more excited about this than I was Omni... JON

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    Re: New Alchemy video's online :]


    I asked about the possibility of doing this and was told yes, although one must create the partial structure for each velocity range or "layers" using a spreadsheet. Here's the discussion from the KVR thread.


    (My questions are in the first posting, and Ben from Camel answers in the next post.)

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