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Topic: Celtic Instruments (BigFish Audio)

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    Celtic Instruments (BigFish Audio)

    Has anyone had a chance to get this cd set yet? If so, can one give some kind of impressions or info about this...Big Fish\'s site has nothing informative about this, other than a pretty cool demo...

    Also, can anyone who has this comment on the fiddles and does it contain any type of irish type vocals?


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    Re: Celtic Instruments (BigFish Audio)

    No, Not yet. But, Celtic Audio has tons of female vocals. Here is a link. There is more te one version.

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    Re: Celtic Instruments (BigFish Audio)

    Looks interesting! Pity there\'s no demo...
    Curious if the audio CD\'s are the same as the Wave CD\'s.


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    Re: Celtic Instruments (BigFish Audio)

    I have the first volume. It\'s pure audio and I converted the entire 4 cds to giga instruments. A ton of work.

    The quailty is very good and the realism is even better but, it\'s all performance audio... it\'s an Irish Symphonic Adventures

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    Re: Celtic Instruments (BigFish Audio)

    I did the programming and recorded most of the percussion for the Celtic library. It is very good for....well....Celtic stuff and I would highly recommend it.


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    Re: Celtic Instruments (BigFish Audio)

    I too am interested in Celtic sounds in Giga format. The Celtic Audio CD (link above) is not in Giga format, and I agree, too bad there is no way to hear the sounds before you buy .

    Has anyone else out there sampled the BigFish Celtic giga sounds????

    Thanks in advance, Robert.

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    Re: Celtic Instruments (BigFish Audio)

    I have this new collection. So far, it\'s pretty good. The \"fiddle\" is a great violin and has different types of stacco attacks from a thick sound to a crisp sound. I like the sustains too. The bagpipes are quite realistic. The library comes on two CDs...

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