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Topic: questions about MOTU Ethno Instrument

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    questions about MOTU Ethno Instrument


    Has any one used this synth? I don't use loops so I'm wondering if the solo instruments are really good. Is it still worth it when you discard the loops?

    As a comparison point, I own EWQL RA, and I'm a bit dissapointed by it.

    Thank you.
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    Re: questions about MOTU Ethno Instrument


    I own MOTU Ethno Instrumnet. It has some nice multisampled instrumnets in it but I don't think it would be as comprehensive as RA or Ethnoworld 4. There are some really cool videos online of Jordan Rudess playing it. Check them out. You won't find a super detailed ehru, or duduk but you will find some nice playable instruments. Some of the extras on the disc like the pads are really quite nice. I do wish it had more keyswitchable instruments and maybe more variations but all in all it is a "musical" sounding instrument. I also wish Motu would upgrade it and add more content. I don't really use the loops. The interface isreally cool and you can pick an instrument by genre or location. The manual is also nice as it explains a lot about each instrument.

    If you are dissapointed with RA you might want to look at Ethnoworld 4. I used Ethnoworld 2 at my last job and there is some really nice stuff in it. Also chack out Bela D's Spiritual winds collection. Really detailed, playable instruments at a nice price point.

    Good luck!

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    Re: questions about MOTU Ethno Instrument

    A Play version of RA is due out shortly. Ethno, RA and Ethno World 4 are programs that compliment each other, they have different instruments and IMHO work well as a team rather than one just being superior to the other. I use all of them and a selection is made based on what I want to do and what sound or instrument I'm looking for. You mention only RA and Ethno, but you may also want to take a look at Ethno World 4. Perhaps decide what instruments you want and then see which 'one' meets your needs. I probably use Ethno World 4 the most, if that means anything, but then again I use it in combination with numerous other software packages as well. Perhaps you are disappointed in RA just because it doesn't contain the instruments you require?...........playz
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    Re: questions about MOTU Ethno Instrument

    I have Ra, Ethno, and the Motu Ethno... if you're disappointed with Ra, your next step should be EthnoWorld, which is chock-full of great stuff. the Motu instrument certainly has its place, and some very nice built-in reverbs and stuff like that, but is a little bit limited. Now, if you have some kind of online coupon you could use to get the MOTU (which normally is pretty inexpensive anyway, I think), then I'd go ahead and splurge on it. But money spent on EthnoWorld4 is money better-spent.

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    Re: questions about MOTU Ethno Instrument

    Even though I own it, I wouldn't recommend MOTU Ethno. The instruments are not deep-sampled enough, and the fact that it's really complicated to set up a bunch of phrases from the same instrument to jam with is ridiculous and a big mistake.

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    Re: questions about MOTU Ethno Instrument

    I have Motu Ethno and I do not like the samples compared to RA or Ethnoworld. I think they are thin sounding and do not sit well in a mix without a lot of tweaking. With that said I still use one or two things from it. Also, if I was playing live, like Jordan Rudess does in the videos, I would use it. The keyswitching and range settings are easy to setup
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    Re: questions about MOTU Ethno Instrument

    Thanks a lot guys for your opinion(s) !
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