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Topic: Waterphone?

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    Any sample libs out there? I heard VSL's 'Elements' but it didn't really scratch the surface.

    Almost tempted to spring for a Lark In The Morning knock off, but was hoping someone had one already 'canned' that was less than $300 for another piece of 'world percussion' to add to my <ahem> 'decor'.



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    Re: Waterphone?

    I have the Lark in the Morning rip off, and I really don't know whether you could get much more out of it than the VSL libraries contain (Elements only contains the bass waterphone - the other is in the percussion library).

    It's not much good for drumming - you certainly can't get that effect where you press on the central column for a slight change of pitch. Pitch bending by tipping the instrument doesn't seem to work nearly as well as it does with a real waterphone (I've tried with every degree of 'fulness').

    Having said that, if you wanted to outline some of the samples you want that aren't in VSL, I could try. Just depends how urgent it is. I have vacation from school starting on Thursday, but won't have a second to spare till then.

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