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Topic: A score to check out

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    A score to check out


    This may interest some of you. While this is a real band recording, I do use JABB when I am writing. I put together a little QT with the score and audio. I wrote this one a few years ago but have just finished the recording.

    The high res will only work on a larger monitor. The low res will work on a laptop but you can not read the notes very well.

    High Res- http://www.timusic.net/TDweb/Assets/...ap1280x960.mov
    Low Res- http://www.timusic.net/TDweb/Assets/...aplowerres.mov



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    Re: A score to check out

    That was just awesome! I don't have a big screen, but I was able to follow along fairly well anyway. Excellent arranging! Man, I wish I had you guys around to play my tune Good Christian Men, Take Five.

    Fantastic job, Obmit!!! Can't wait for the CD!!!

    Serenity Musician (Gary A.)

    HP Pavilion Elite, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, 12 gig ram, 1 terabyte hd., E-MU 0404, Korg K61, Finale 2012, Sonar X2 Producer

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    Re: A score to check out



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    Re: A score to check out

    Just wanted to update you all that this piece has been nominated for a grammy for best instrumental composition. I will also be presenting a lecture on big band writing at the first JEN conference in May in St Louis.



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    Re: A score to check out

    Wow! That WAS incredible. I am totally awed by it (and totally envious of your talent!)

    Thanks for sharing that!

    Mark McDowell
    Mark McDowell
    Intel i7-920, 12GB, Dual 640GB SATA
    Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

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    Re: A score to check out

    Thanks Mark

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    Re: A score to check out

    Very nice writing and playing Obmit. You're a great talent and have very talented players. Congrats.

    Steve Winkler

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