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Topic: Who knows this song?

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    Who knows this song?

    recently I listened to a soundtrack in the radio. I recorded a part of that song here, I used the Garritan Steinway:

    Who knows the name of the song?


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    Re: Who knows this song?

    Does no one know that song?

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    Re: Who knows this song?

    I've listened and can not name that tune! It sounds very good ...
    Can you give us some hints?

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    Re: Who knows this song?

    NO, don't know it, but looking at your name it must be a very old one.


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    Re: Who knows this song?

    I'm sorry, I have listened to your rendition and also do not know the melody.
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    Re: Who knows this song?

    I only know that it belogs to a movie probably.

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    Re: Who knows this song?

    It's very pretty, Metuschelach, but I can't say I
    recognized it...

    Some say the mark of a good tune, though, is that
    it sounds instantly familiar!


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Who knows this song?

    Alas, I cannot access esnips. On another host perhaps I could assist, I'm usually pretty good picking out movie themes...

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    Re: Who knows this song?

    I found it out from radio station I listen to, it is part of the music of from Randy Edelman for the movie "Surviving Christmas" and there it is the track "Loving You All Over".


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