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Topic: omni aftertouch

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    omni aftertouch

    New Omni user and wondering where the settings for aftertouch are? I have see where I can modulate it but not edit it?


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    Re: omni aftertouch

    Not sure what you are trying to do here? Why would you want to edit Aftertouch?

    You can use aftertouch (as you can with most continuous controllers) to modulate pretty much any setting in Omnisphere, as you can with the modwheel etc etc. Just follow the standard process for assigning aftertouch to control one or more omnisphere parameters.



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    Re: omni aftertouch

    If you want to edit the aftertouch data that you generated you have to do that in the appropiate editors of your host.

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    Re: omni aftertouch

    I guess what through me off was that when I started editing a patch it did not have any noticeable aftertouch, but while messing with it I did start to notice it was there. Are some of the standard patches designed with aftertouch and maybe I just hit the right settings to trigger them? By the way when I noticed the aftertouch there were no settings made assigned to aftertouch.

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    Re: omni aftertouch

    If i remember correctly Spectrum said in an other thread that they will add aftertouch to many of the preset patches in a later update.

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    Re: omni aftertouch

    I thought I remember seeing that but could not find the post, thanks for the help

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    Re: omni aftertouch

    You could use an input transformer on your sequencer to convert all Mod Wheel messages to Aftertouch. Instant gratification!

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    Re: omni aftertouch

    It's funny, but I would want to do the opposite - map all aftertouch to a slider, or mod wheel. I've never found pressing down on the keys to be fun or healthy. To each his (or her) own!

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    Re: omni aftertouch

    You wouldn't want to do that on Omnisphere because not many patches will respond to it at this time - unless you edit..... 100s of patches.

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    Re: omni aftertouch

    I know there are all sorts of ways to do aftertouch in Omni and in Logic, just found it wierd that I started hearing it out of the blue. I guess I have just been spoiled by my Triton with all the aftertouch controls

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