Hello. i'm currently using GVI with Older VSL libraries with Cubase SX 1 on Vista 64 bit OS.
but i found that VSL library is like a dead body without this Performence Tool.
so, i installed Performence Tool 2.1.1 and Midi Yoke for Virtual midi cable. (Maple Midi Cable does not supports 64 bit OS. so, i installed Midi Yoke which is fine)
but, i'm having trouble to routing these midi signals through midi yoke.
i made some pictures of my current situation.
01 - Main CUBASE SX with GVI
02 - When i click on Input on Midi channel of Cubase
03 - When i click on Output of midi channel of cubase
04 - Performence Tool's Midi Inport
05 - Performence Tool's Midi Outport
i just don't know what to choose on these settings.
which one should i choose on Cubase In/Output ?
which one should i choose on Poerformence MIDI in/out port ??
i will really appreciate if you reply me.