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Topic: Where did you learn to use your software?

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    Where did you learn to use your software?

    I use Sonar, currently, in so much as I can say I use anything. But I haven't a clue what I'm doing. How did you all learn what exactly all these various features do? The only tutorials I can find suppose that I already know the basics, which I don't. I can hardly even get a midi track to play sounds with a VST, since I'm not entirely sure what all these various drop-down boxes do.

    Are there any forums/websites/etc that I may use in order to learn how exactly this stuff works?

    I've been interested in taking my compositional knowledge away from the piano, I'm just unsure as to how I should get started.

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    Re: Where did you learn to use your software?

    Sonar has a very excellent manual. It really does cover everything you could imagine doing. You just need to look in the index for the function you are trying to accomplish. I know it seems daunting, but the read is well worth it.

    Come to think of it, the Help is quite complete too.

    Both of those are what I still use to get around any problems I have with Sonar.


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    Re: Where did you learn to use your software?

    Sonar comes with a set of tutorials which start from the very beginning. You should definitely work through those. I believe there are 10 of these and you can find them when you click on the "Help" dropdown at the top of Sonar.

    Also, you should definitely purchase "Sonar Power" for the version of Sonar you are using. This set of books is by Scott Garrigus and can be purchased from the Cakewalk store or Amazon. He explains the workings of Sonar and starts with the premise that you are a beginner. Very valuable tool and much easier to navigate than the Sonar manual (which is no longer available as an actual book but as a PDF file on the Sonar installation disc.) Last time I checked it was around $27 from Amazon.

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    Re: Where did you learn to use your software?

    I use Digital Performer, I learned how to use it pretty much on my own, with occasional looks at it's awesome manual.
    I'd expect the Sonar manual to be up to par.

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    Re: Where did you learn to use your software?

    There are plenty of tutorial videos out there. Some are free. SWA, Brainworks have some to purchase.

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