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Topic: GVI and VSL Cube

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    GVI and VSL Cube

    I used Gigastudio 3 for some time and had many issues with it and I finally got a new computer and bought GVI to run my older VSL library. After installing everything, most libraries worked except VSL cube. No matter which instrument I would load, it would default to BASIC INSTRUMENTS which contain no sounds.

    I installed Cube by creating a folder and dragging the sounds into it.


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    Re: GVI and VSL Cube

    Hey GR,

    As you know, the VSL .gig files use dummy instruments as category headers. The first category is "basic instruments, so the first instrument in any file is that one. GVI and Gigastudio both load the default first instrument in a .gig file whenever you load that entire .gig file. There are two ways to get the instrument you want loaded onot a channel:

    1) Don't load the whole instrument - just the sub-instrument you want. Do this by opening the browse window from the load dialog (the little down arrow at the right of the instrument name field in any channel strip), navigate to the .gig file you want, click it once, and double-click the instrument you want from the list that appears at right.

    2) Load the whole .gig file by double-clicking it in the browser, or by drag-and drop from windows explorer. Then, open the loaded instruments view in GVI (it's the list Icon at the top right of the interface). This will show all the instruments you loaded by selecting the entire .gig file. Hold ctrl, select the ones you want, and drag them into an empty channel.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: GVI and VSL Cube

    Thanks Belbin

    I went down the tree below the Basic Instruments picking the instruments themselves and it would still default to Basic Instruments no matter which individual instrument I clicked on. I see what you are saying so I will go back and mess with it.

    Thanks for your time


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    Re: GVI and VSL Cube

    I thank you for the help with my issue as I did it today and it worked great!

    Thanks again


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