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Topic: Why dont people ask?

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    Why dont people ask?

    This community has turned into a Demo needing, library bashing , \"hype machine\"

    Many of us on this board have many of the libraries discussed. Instead of bashing libraries for the sound, why aren\'t we asking \"how do I....\" or \"can I get and XXX sound...\" questions?

    I personally do alot of tweaking with all the libraries I have because I\'m rarely happy with them out of the box. This means EQ reverb etc.

    I\'m happy to share my experiences with people, and possibly even work with people to trying to get different sounds. I dont have \"answers\" but howabout working together to get great sounds.

    I\'m going to stop posting \"my experience\" with libraries posts, its just not worthwhile anymore and adds to the so called hype machine. Especially since it seems that until someone posts negative comments they aren\'t being \"honest\". Besides I got out of press a long time ago....

    However if I do some tweaking I\'ll be posting for sure, like usual

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Why dont people ask?

    Right on King!!! I\'ll start - How do I get my stuff to sound like Brian Wilson\'s off the Beach Boys\' Pet Sounds?!?!?!?


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    Re: Why dont people ask?

    Here here, well said. I think the problem here is that it seems the majority of posts aren\'t really about helping or sharing info or whatever. They are most often about \"see what I can do, I bet you wish you could do this, go ahead and ask me but I won\'t give you a straight answer!\"
    And so we end up with simple mud-slinging and politics. Not very constructive I wouldn\'t say.
    But King, I\'m glad you brought it up. A point well made.


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    Re: Why dont people ask?

    Thanks, King, for reminding us what this forum should be about. Count me in.


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    Re: Why dont people ask?

    Part of this is copied from my post in a thread about the new Post piano:

    I\'ve found the learning curve for the complex combination of sampling, Gigasampler, and tweaking piano samples steep. I\'ve gathered bits of information here and there, but there is much I still need to learn. (Only in the past few weeks have I learned how to use ADSR and low pass filters to create better piano sounds.) Does anyone know of a site\\book devoted to this subject of how to how to obtain the best piano sounds from samples? To many of the posters at this site, the various filters, envelopes, EQ settings, and modulators are old acquantances, but those of us who lack experience need assistance. Most of the information I\'ve seen deals with controlling all sound, and how to apply this information to creating a good piano sound is not always self-evident. (For me, at least...)

    And: if such a source of information was created, it might have various tweaks and suggestions for specific piano samples. Collecting the information this way might lead to less needling and complaints.

    Might such a resource be created as a separate forum on this site, or would this be getting too specialized? Garriton Strings has its own forum; could the complexities of creating and tweaking good piano sounds benefit from collecting all the known information in the same way? (Doing a search in these forums for the word \"piano\" brings up a lot of information that it might be good to have in one place...)

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    Re: Why dont people ask?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by KingIdiot:
    Instead of bashing libraries for the sound, why aren\'t we asking \"how do I....\" or \"can I get and XXX sound...\" questions?

    Sound like a premis for a book \"KingIdiot\'s
    Guide To Sample Manipulation\" \"A Sampler\'s
    Guide To The Universe\" \"Me, My Samples and I\" ;-)

    Seriously, you should consider organizing your techniques into step-by-step processes. I\'d buy it.


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