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Topic: OT - Toss up: KSM27 and Rode NT2-A

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    OT - Toss up: KSM27 and Rode NT2-A

    Hey everyone,
    I posted on here a few months ago about good inexpensive mics, and now I'm back . I run a Digi 003 Rackmount from a Macbook Pro 2.4Ghz. I have a dedicated studio in my home (engineered hardwood floor, seperate listening room), so I'm looking for my main microphone right now.

    I was fortunate enough to try out a KSM44 a month or two ago, which was excellent. However, it's a little out of my price range. Because of my great experience, I've been looking at the KSM27, but I have also gotten very enthusiastic recommendations of the Rode NT2-A. There's a $100 price tag between the two, which really isn't much.

    I don't think the local music shop has the NT2-A for demo, though they can order it in. I'll be using whichever one I purchase for its intended purpose, mainly vocals (I'm a vocal performance major) and acoustic instruments, but also recording cabs and amps as well. Which one of these two will truly give me the best sound? They seem to fit the same job, the specs are close, and the price difference is noticable, but not life changing.

    Can anyone speak for one over the other, or is there another one I should be adding into the comparison? Thanks so very much in advance.

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    Re: OT - Toss up: KSM27 and Rode NT2-A

    Your best bet is to demo the mics on your voice an base your decision on those results. No two voices are alike and no two mics are exactly alike either. One mic might sound great on our voice but less so on mine, for example. If you tend towards sibilance, I'd recommend the Rode. If you have a darker voice, then perhaps the Shure is the better choice.
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