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Topic: Newbie - Looking for a good piano library

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    Newbie - Looking for a good piano library

    Hello all,
    I\'m new to GigaStudio and looking for some guidance on a few good libraries to pick to enhance my recordings.

    I\'m doing mostly jazz fusion/world beat stuff and would like to find a great piano to use within GigaStudio. I\'ve played a bit with GigaPiano but suspect that there are probably some better sample libraries out there.

    I\'ve checked out a bunch of sites an dfound lots of potential purchases, but I\'m more interested in some direct comments than just reviews.

    If you\'re up for recommending a couple of drum and electric/acoustic bass libraries for me to check out, I\'d certainly appreciate that also.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Newbie - Looking for a good piano library

    I\'m going through the old posts right now. The search engine was fussy when I posted this.

    Again, thanks for any comments.

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